Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Grisham Novel Reveiw

Playing For Pizza: A Novel Playing For Pizza: A Novel by John Grisham

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I've always loved Grisham novels. I keep a worn copy of The Firm in my house, and will occasionally grab it and read 10 pages at random when I'm waiting for my slow computer to render something. I haven't been a fan of his non-legal books, however. A Painted House was just so much rambling, Bleachers was too much small town football, and The Innocent Man left me totally cold. So I have no idea why I picked this one up except I needed something for the plane.

Imagine my surprise to find that I actually enjoyed it. It's like a combination of The Broker and Bleachers. Even though I'm by no means a football fan, I could follow all of the play by play action that is marbled throughout this book.

The most interesting part for me, was the rich description of Italian food, history, and culture.

This is the story about a very self involved man finding humility in extreme adversity without being preachy in the least.

Very nice book.

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